The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has opened two branches, namely:

CITC Branch in Makkah Region
Jeddah , Al Salamah District , Prince Sultan St. Opposite of Sultan Mall
ZAHRAN Business Center
The Northern tower , 12th floor , Office No 1205
Coordinates Map : 21.602841  39.143916
Tel.No : 012-2638000 – Fax : 012-6521712 
Email address: 
P.O Box 17313,Jeddah 21484

CITC Branch in Eastern Region 
2nd floor , Al Dosary Tower, Al shati District ,Dammam 
Cordinates Map – North 26°.454662 South 50°.116267
Tel. No . 0138441818

Saudi Post Wasel info.CITC 3978 Al shati al gharbi
Unit No.1 AD DAMMAM 32415-8418 Kingdom of Saudi arabia

CITC Branch functions and terms of reference:
  • Process applications for issuing, updating, renewing, and revoking licenses for maritime wireless devices to all registered maritime segments in the region.
  • Receiving and following up requests related to the telecommunications and information technology services from the Emara of the region, the governorates, the centers and the villages belonging to them and individuals.
  • Record all the requests for search and rescue via satellite, and submit them to the competent department in the main center to take appropriate action.
  • Technical detection of communications devices at customs outlets in the region.
  • Receiving and complying with the infringing and prohibited communications devices in accordance with the directives and regulations
  • Coordinating the efforts of the Authority's departments in monitoring the ICT services during the Umrah and Hajj seasons and follow-up on it
  • Representing the Commission in committees, councils, meetings and judicial bodies
  • Receiving complaints, reports of violations received from individuals and entities in the region, studying them, investigating them and recommending them, and referring them to the competent department
  • Supporting the study of issues in the region and preparation of legal memoranda and the necessary da'wah regulations and forwarding them to the competent authority of the Authority.
  • Follow up the collection of fines related to violations of the telecommunications system within the region.

For better service, please follow the following steps:
  • Select the service required.
  • Read the terms and regulations of the service required carefully.
  • Fill in the forms of the required service, sign and stamp the forms that so require with seal of the relevant institution, company or government agency. Attach all required documents to the service application form.
  • Participants in SADAD payment system shall pay the service fees through SADAD after the issuance of their payment bills.
  • An official letter explaining the service required and its justification, if the service so requires, must be submitted together with all documents and forms required for the service.
  • The letter together with all attachments (the applicant’s address of correspondence must be mentioned) shall be send to the address of CITC or any of its branches.