About the Committee Secretariat:

The Committee is supported by an administrative unit called “the Secretariat of the Committee forhe Consideration of Violations of the Communications Law”.
 Such unit is managed by a secretary and administratively reports to the Governor of the CITC. It also falls under the supervision of the Committee Chairman, and serves to support the Committee in performing its tasks and responsibilities.

Committee Secretariat's Mission:
To achieve the highest degree of competence in studying allegations submitted by CITC with accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Committee Secretariat's Tasks:
Making necessary arrangements for Committee meetings.
Writing down the minutes of Committee meetings, deliberations and decisions.
Examining and reviewing statements of claim containing violations submitted to the Committee.
Following up on the defenses raised by the persons against whom the violation is alleged.
Receiving correspondences addressed to the Committee and preparing draft responses thereto.
Managing the contents of the Committee’s page on the CITC’s website.