​Type of Service

Special Conditions

Gener​al Conditions
VSAT System Communications Service Click Here ​Click Here​​​
Provision of Global Mobile Personal Communications Services (GMPCS) Click Here Click Here
Operation System and Networks of (GMPCS)
Click Here Click Here
Audio Text Services​Click HereClick Here ​​​
Internet Service Provider (ISP) ​Click Here Click Here
Short Message Service (SMS)Click Here Click Here
Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) Click Here Click Here
Call Center Services Click Here Click Here
Network Operation Center Services Click Here​​ Click Here
Internet Services on Airplanes in KSA Airspace ​Click Here​ Click Here
Mobile Communication Service Onboard Aircraft In KSA​Click Here Click Here
Carrier Service Provider (CSP) Click H​ere​​ Click H​ere
​Broadband Satellite Services​
​​Click ​Here ​​Click Here
​Wholesale Infrastructure Services
Click H​ere​​
Click H​ere
​Provide Internet of Things (IoT) Services using License-exempt frequency 
Click ​Here
 ​​Click Here


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