Telecom Act Bylaw

Pursuant with the provisions of Article Forty of the Telecommunications Act, the Telecom Act Bylaw was issued by the Minister of Telegraph, Post and Telephone (currently the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology) (No. 11) dated 17/5/1423 H (corresponding to 27/07/2002), and amended by the decision of His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology No. (1) dated 1/1/1435H. And No. (51) dated 03/12/1438H, and No. (53) dated 02/09/1439H.

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National Specturem Plan

​The Council of Ministers is the approving authority of the National Frequency Spectrum Plan (NFP) for the purpose of achieving optimum utilization of this national resource, in conformity with International and Regional conventions and approved regulations and standards. NFP was approved by the decision of the Council of Ministers No.(61) dated 2/3/1429H.

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Frequency usage fees

​Spectrum is a limited natural source and challenges faced by spectrum management are how to achieve a balance between different demands for spectrum and develop policies to fulfill the purposes of these demands. Consequently , the fees policy of frequency usage in various radio-communication services is an important part of spectrum management process. The main objective of this policy is to improve the telecommunications infrastructure through efficient and effective use of spectrum, and to implement the recommendations and reports of the International Telecommunication Union in this regard.The Spectrum Fees of frequency usage Policy was approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Council of Ministers Resolution No (200) dated 7/7/1425 H.​
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The U A U S Policy

​Pursuant to H. E., the Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission Decision No 165/1428 dated 06.18.1428H, based on the approval of the CITC Board of Directors, the Universal Service Fund was established and the Universal Service Policy was adopted under the Minister of Communications and Information Technology decision No 313 dated 21/5/1427.
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