Escalate Complaint

Dear user, if you already issued a complaint to the service provider and 5 days have passed without resolving your complaint, and you have a reference number. You can escalate your complaint to CITC


Service Description

Argami service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems

Transaction inquiry

Service Description

Transaction inquiry service is one of CITC eServices that lets CITC customers to check their Correspondence status and print a receipt if needed.

Coverage services

Service Description

You will be provided with the location's coverage information and its public average rating. You can provide your rating as well.


Electronic spectrum services

Spectrum E-Services enables frequency users to apply for frequency assignments or wireless equipment license and follow their status through the CITC website.

Domain Name Registration

Service Description

As part of CITC, Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC) provides domain name registration services that fall within the Saudi country-code Top-Level Domains (ccTLD), including the Saudi ASCII ccTLD (.sa), and the Saudi IDN ccTLD (.السعودية).

Website filtering

Service Description

For the purpose of protecting the Saudi Society from the harmful internet content, and to insure providing a good Internet content, CITC provides Internet filtering services to the users in the Kingdom

Information Security Incidents

Service Description

It is a service provided by CITC through Computer Emergency Response Team to assist in incidents of information security, prevention and response to threats and security incidents related to information security

Equipment licensing

Service Description

CITC provides number of services related to ICT equipment to enable equipment manufacturers and importers verifying the conformity of their equipment with CITC technical specifications

Numbering Management

Service Description

Numbering E-Services enables users to apply for allocation, specification and return of numbering resources, and enables them to track and manage their requests effectively.

Licensing Services

Service Description

Companies and Establishments may apply to CITC electronically to get a required license, after reviewing and fulfilling the general and special conditions of the license through E-Licenses Services Portal


Service Description

Meqyas is an initiative by The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) to establish Internet Quality of Experience Measurement Platform in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia

Violation Service

Service Description

The aim of this service is to enable government entities to submit notices concerning violations of the telecommunications Act electronically


Service Description

The service aims to support the protection of telecommunications infrastructure and the implementation of infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia

Approved offers

Service Description

The Approved Offers service allows users to know the details of approved offers of all service providers

Net Telecommunication Revenue Tool

Service Description

This Tool is provided by CITC. This allows the licensed companies to submit their “Net Telecommunications Revenue (NTR) Form” as per the requirements of the Decree 196 and Regulatory Framework on Fees issued by CITC and to view the status of the submission and progress

SIM Authentication Code Service

Service Description

service that enables the users of the communication services to obtain a temporary code used to issue and authenticate SIM cards


Service Description

A portal over the internet to communicate with vendors

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