Plenipotentiary Conference:
The Plenipotentiary Conference is held every four years and is the supreme policy authority of the Union. It approves the Strategic Plan for the next four years, the election of the senior management team of the Union, the States members of the Council and members of the Radio Regulations Board. During the conference, all the resolutions of the previous conference, notably those relating to international Internet-related public policy issues, are reviewed and new draft resolutions submitted by Member States are reviewed and updated on the basis of technical developments. Link
ITU Council:
The ITU Council is the highest authority after the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference. Its members are elected at the Plenipotentiary Conference every four years whom only twenty-five per cent of the total number of Member States. The Kingdom has been a member of the Council of the ITU since 1965. The Council discusses and make the necessary decisions on all important topics related to ITU sector work. Link

World Radiocommunication Conference:
held every three or four years. The function of the WRC is to review and revise the Radio Regulations, where necessary, and the international treaty governing the use of the radio frequency spectrum, stable satellite circuits and non-geostationary satellites. The reviews shall be in accordance with an agenda to be decided by the ITU Council, which takes into account the recommendations of previous World Radiocommunication Conferences. Link  
The World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly:
convenes every four years and sets the strategy for the next ITU-T study period. The Association is preceded by a number of regional preparatory meetings for the six regions of the ITU with a view to the early and good preparation of WTSA. Saudi Arabia plays a leading role in the WTSA work; it holds leadership positions in several committees. The Kingdom received many appreciation letters. The most recent was the letter of the Director of the ITU Standardization Sector Office, in which he commended the efforts of the Kingdom's delegation and its diplomacy, which led to positive results. Link

World Telecommunication Development Conference: 
The conference is held every four years, and defines the future strategies and objectives of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector. The conference publishes a declaration, which includes regional initiatives, new resolutions and recommendations, and their review to support the achievement of sector objectives and new issues for consideration by the Development Sector study groups Link