In Riyadh, the Deputy Governor of The Communications and Information Technology Commission, Engineer Majid Al Maziad, has launched a workshop in preparation for the International Telecommunication Union 2019, which gathered a number of candidates to attend the union from every government entities in relation to Spectrum: aiming to clarify the work plan set by the Commission. 
The workshop showcased the structure of the ITU 2019, and the distribution of its articles in accordance to that structure. In addition to the means of communication and coordination between team members during the union. A brief for a number of related businesses was also displayed
It is worth to mention that the ITU is held every 3 or 4 years, and the next occurrence is set for later this month in Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt. It will showcase and discuss radio regulations, and the planning regard to radio spectrum and frequency allocation. It will also tackle issues regarding radio communications, in addition to assigning a Radio Regulations Board, and a Radio Communications Office. Highlighting its activities: choosing a number of issues to be studied by the Radio Communications Assemblies, and prepare for future radio communications conferences.

  • Publish Date:
  • 08/10/2019
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  • 1441/02/09