The consultation includes a public survey to assess the current market demand for fixed links and how the demand will change over the coming years

All stakeholders, public and private organizations, telecom companies and end users invited to submit comments by 15 APRIL 2021

Riyadh - 18 March 2021: The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) published a public consultation on radio fixed links. The consultation will evaluate the current usage of the Radio Fixed Links in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

CITC intends to plan and rearrange all frequency bands operating in the fixed links, update the licensing mechanism in order to achieve the optimal spectrum use, reduce possible wireless interference between users, and enable future technologies such as 5G. CITC is seeking as an objective of this project to assess the current usage of the fixed wireless access (FWA) and meet the future need of radio spectrum to enable this application.

CITC is inviting all parties nationally and internationally including users of fixed links, telecom and technology providers, industrial entities, and public entities to provide their feedback and engage in this process to better support the outcomes of this project. Therefore, CITC encourages participants to submit their comments by 15 April 2021.

The consultation document can be accessed by the following link:

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