​​​​The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has invited the public to submit their insights on Business Continuity Management Regulations for Telecommunications Service Providers.​


CITC stated that these regulations would enhance the business continuity management of the service providers, which would be reflected in the level of the sustainability, restoration and recovery of telecommunications services. These regulations aim to support Vision 2030 in providing a flexible digital infrastructure for the communications and information technology sector in the Kingdom, diversify the national economy, and promote investment in emerging technologies and smart cities. While enabling e-government, e-commerce, digital health, and e-learning.

CITC invites all interested parties, including ICT service providers, to submit their views through CITC Website, before 10 June 2021.


  • Publish Date:
  • 27/05/2021
  • Corresponding:
  • 1442/10/15