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  • 21/02/2006
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  • 20/03/2006
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The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued Decision 73/1426 dated 21/03/1426 approving the Saudi Telecommunications Company’s (STC) Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) and requiring that the RIO be reviewed and a revised RIO issued within one year from the date of Decision 73/1426.
As part of the RIO revision process, the Commission solicited comments from the currently licensed operators and requested STC to submit a revised RIO taking into consideration these comments and other factors including:
Experience gained since issuance of the RIO. 
The Interconnection Agreements entered into so far and any related tariffs not already included in Annex F of the RIO. 
Progress in the accounting separation and cost based pricing processes. 
The principle that interconnection services offered by STC shall not discriminate between STC’s own operations and those of other service providers. 
Any amendments to the RIO required by the CITC. 
Consultation with concerned operators on operational and quality of service aspects of the RIO.
Conformance to interconnection requirements resulting from the Kingdom’s accession to the WTO.
STC submitted its proposed revised RIO to the Commission on 21/1/1427H, corresponding to 20/2/2006G.
Invitation to Comment
The Commission has announced its intention of pursuing fair and transparent processes leading to further liberalization of the ICT sector, and more specifically to the awards of new licenses for the Fixed and Mobile Services. The Commission therefore invites the participation of interested parties to provide detailed comments with relevant rationale, justifications, data, benchmarks and analysis to support their comments on STC’s proposed revised RIO.
In providing the comments, parties are kindly requested, where appropriate, to indicate the clause number in the revised RIO to which their comment relates.
The parties are kindly requested to specify contact details including the name of the party in addition to the address and phone number(s).
This document and any responses to it are not binding to the CITC. All responses are the property of the CITC
 RIO Approval Procedure
  1. The Commission may, at its discretion, forward some or all of the comments from the interested parties to STC for their response unless the interested party requests that it be kept confidential. Please indicate whether you wish to keep your identity and/or some or all your comments confidential. 
  2. The CITC is also reviewing STC’s tariffs under the RIO, and is conducting its own related international benchmarking study. 
  3. The Commission intends to consider all the comments and associated rationale, justifications, data and analysis, by the interested parties and by STC, as well as the results of its own benchmarking studies and analysis and make a determination on the terms and conditions that must be reflected by STC in the revised RIO.
Responses to this Public Notice must be submitted to the CITC (in electronic form) on or before 3:00 pm local time 20/2/1427H (20/03/2006G) to either one of the following addresses:
  • E-mail to:

  • Delivery by hand or by courier: 
    The Office of the Governor
    Communications and Information Technology Commission
    King Fahad Road 
    Riyadh 11588, Saudi Arabia.

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