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  • 08/01/2007
  • Expiry Date:
  • 17/02/2007
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​​Public Notice PN No. 17/1427
Dated 18/12/1427H, 08/01/2007G

Request for comments on Saudi Telecommunications 
Company’s draft revised Reference Interconnection Offer 
The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued Decision 113/1427 dated 21/03/1427H approving the first update of Saudi Telecommunications Company’s (STC) Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) subject to certain revisions required by the Decision. Decision 113/1427 also required that the approved RIO be reviewed and a revised RIO issued within one year from the date of the Decision. Concurrently with the Decision the “Report on CITC’s Review and Analysis of STC’s Revised RIO” was published on the CITC web site.
In accordance with the above decision, STC submitted to the CITC for approval a draft revised RIO.
Invitation to Comment
The CITC has announced its intention of pursuing fair and transparent processes leading to further liberalization of the ICT sector, and more specifically to the award of new licenses for the Fixed and Mobile Services. The CITC therefore invites the participation of interested parties to provide detailed comments on the entire STC RIO, particularly on the new services from STC according to the CITC Decision 113/1427 and the points raised in the Public Consultation Document .The comments should be supported to the extent possible with relevant rationale, justifications, data, benchmarks and analysis.
In providing the comments, parties are kindly requested, where appropriate, to indicate the clause numbers in the revised mentioned documents to which their comments relate.
The parties are also kindly requested to specify contact details including the name of the party in addition to the address and phone number(s).
The consultation document and any responses to it are not binding to the CITC. All responses are the property of the CITC
RIO Approval Procedure
The CITC intends to consider all the comments and associated rationale, justifications, data and analysis, by the interested parties and by STC, as well as the results of its own benchmarking studies and analysis and make a determination on the terms and conditions that must be reflected by STC in the revised RIO.
Responses to this Public Notice must be submitted to the CITC (in Microsoft Word format) on or before 03:00 pm local time 29/01/1428H (17/02/2007G) to either one of the following addresses:
1.   E-mail to:
2.   Delivery by hand or by courier of a hard and soft copy to:
The Office of the Governor
Communications and Information Technology Commission
King Fahad Road
Riyadh 11588, 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Draft Revised Reference Interconnection Offer Document: