• Number:
  • 23/08/2008
  • Expiry Date:
  • 25/10/2008
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  • Regulatory
  1. ​​Introduction 
    Recognizing the importance of high disaster preparedness of the ICT industry, CITC aims to ensure the availability of disaster preparedness/prevention procedures, improve the level of disaster recovery planning through a consistent approach for all Facilities Based Providers (FBPs) and facilitate emergency communication users (including humanitarian and relief agencies) during disasters. In that context, and in accordance with statutes and other applicable laws, CITC is developing the Regulatory Framework and Guidelines for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery Planning and Notification in the ICT industry.
    The public consultation document has two components that are provided as attachments. Attachment 1 describes the proposed Regulatory Framework, including roles and responsibilities of the various players, for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery Planning and Notification in the ICT industry. Attachment 2 provides Guidelines on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Planning for the ICT industry, as well as on various aspects of emergency communications.
  2. Public Consultation Process and Schedule 
    CITC particularly encourages parties that are involved with any aspect of Disaster Recovery (DR) in the KSA (FBPs, First Level Responders to disasters like the police, fire service, emergency medical services, and various humanitarian and relief agencies in KSA) to allocate the necessary resources and time to provide detailed comments, supported by appropriate justifications, to the issues raised in the Public Consultation Documents. The Public Consultation Documents can be obtained from the CITC website (www.citc.gov.sa).
The procedure, schedule and deadlines for filing comments are set out at the beginning of the Public Consultation Documents. Comments or responses filed in relation to the Public Consultation Documents should be submitted to either one of the addresses outlined below: 
  1. E-mail to:​

  2. Delivery by hand or by courier (hard or soft copy):
    Office of the Governor
    Communications and Information Technology Commission
    King Fahd Road
    P.O. Box 75606 - Riyadh, 11588, KSA