• Number:
  • 08/09/2009
  • Expiry Date:
  • 02/10/2009
  • Category:
  • Technical

"The CITC has decided to extend the deadline for submitting comments on the CITC Technical Specifications until 13/10/1430H corresponding to 02/10/2009G"
Public Notice: PN No. (8/1430)
Dated, 17/08/1430H; 08/08/2009G
  1. Introduction
    Due to the rapid deployment of ICT applications, it has become necessary to review and update the existing Technical Specifications and introduce new ones. All Technical Specifications are posted on the CITC website for public comments.
    The public consultation consists of the public consultation document and an attachment. The attachment provides the full text of the CITC Technical Specifications.
  2. Public Consultation Process and Schedule
    CITC particularly encourages parties involved with any aspect of the development of ICT technical specifications and standards to provide detailed comments, supported by appropriate justifications, on the Technical Specifications. Comments of interested parties will be taken into consideration, but CITC is under no obligation to adopt them.
Comments or responses filed in relation to the Public Consultation should be submitted before 3:00 PM (KSA time) on Wednesday 19/09/1430H (09/09/2009G) to either one of the addresses outlined below:
  • ​Delivery (hard and/or soft copy) by hand or courier:
    Deputy Governor for Technical Affairs
    Communications and Information Technology Commission
    King Fahd Road
    P.O. Box 75606
    Riyadh 11588
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia