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  • 27/06/2009
  • Expiry Date:
  • 29/08/2009
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The Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announces that "the Public Consultation Document on Strategic Plan of the Universal Service Fund", has published on its website:

The public consultation document provides the draft strategic plan of the Universal Service Fund (“USF Strategic Plan") to be implemented to achieve objectives of the Universal Access and Universal Service Policy for voice services and broadband Internet services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Procedures of the public consultation aim at giving stakeholders the opportunity to express their views and opinion on the USF's Strategic Plan which contains ("Consultation Questions"). This process also aims at helping CITC take its decision on the final version of Strategic Plan.
CITC welcomes all the views, comments and answers submitted on the Consultation Questions. CITC calls upon participants to support their views with data, analyses, relevant benchmarking studies, information on local conditions, and experiences of other countries.
CITC will look unto all the views received. It is, however, not obliged to adopt the participants' views.
CITC invites and encourages all interested parties to kindly provide their views no later than August 29th 2009 (08/09/1430H) to the following addresses:
  • By Email: 
  • Or by mail or courier to (hardcopy and softcopy): 
    Office of the USF Administrator
    (2542), Prince Mohamed bin Abdulaziz Road, Olaya 
    Unit (3), Riyadh (12222 – 7987)
    Saudi Arabia
For more information, call Universal Service Fund (1) 466-0789