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  • 08/12/2006
  • Expiry Date:
  • 23/09/2006
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The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued Decision No. 52/1425 Dated 21/07/1425H to allow licensed Data Services Providers to provide Data Services to their customers through shared use of Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) local access loops in a manner characterized by transparency, equity and non- discrimination. Pursuant to the CITC Decision, the STC filed a draft Reference Offer for Data Access (RODA) on 22/02/1427H (22/03/2006G). Also, in the context of the Fixed and Mobile Services Licensing project, the CITC requested public comments on the policies related to unbundling of STC’s local loops. The CITC intends to request STC to extend the scope of the draft RODA to include additional services, which may be licensed through that project in the future.
Invitation to provide comments:
The CITC invites interested parties to participate by submitting their detailed comments on the Public Consultation Document prepared by the CITC and the draft RODA submitted by STC. Comments should, to the extent possible, be supported by data, rationale and international benchmarking.
In submitting their comments, interested parties are kindly requested to refer, where appropriate, to the clause numbers, in the aforementioned documents, to which their comments relate. Interested parties are also kindly requested to specify their contact details including name, address and telephone number.
This Consultation Document and any responses to it are not binding to the CITC and all responses will be the property of the CITC.
RODA approval procedures:
  1. The CITC, at its discretion, may send all or part of the submitted comments to STC for their response, unless the interested party  requests that the comments be kept confidential. The interested party should indicate whether they wish to keep their identity and/or some or all of their comments confidential.
  2. The CITC will review the Tariffs proposed by STC in the draft RODA, and conduct benchmarking with other countries.
  3. The CITC intends to consider all comments, interpretations, statements and analysis from the interested parties and from STC as well as the results of the international benchmarking and related analysis before determining the final terms and conditions to be included in the draft RODA.
Responses to the public consultation must be delivered to the CITC, including in soft copy before 3:00 pm local time Saturday 30/08/1427H (23/09/2006G) to either of the following addresses:
  • E-mail:

  • Or, by hand or courier to:
    The Governor’s Office
    Communications and Information Technology Commission
  • King Fahad road
    Riyadh 11588
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia