In early 2019, the Cabinet issued a resolution No.(403) on 12/14 / 1440, in which the second section of it states that “the Communications and Information Technology Commission of (CITC) to take responsibility over regulatory and supervisory functions of the postal sector” and thus “CITC becomes the main authority for regulating and monitoring this sector and its market, which is considered one of the strongest global markets that impacts e-commerce industry growth.” 
Ever since, CITC has been working on the governance of postal sector, supervising its market, updating regulations to attract global investments and improving conditions for delivery of services to ensure fairness, transparency and highest level of quality. 

Post Complaints

Service Description

It Is A Service Provided By The Communications And Information Technology Commission, Which Allows The Beneficiary In The Event Of A Problem In Any Of The Postal Services With A Service Provider Licensed By The CITC To Submit A Complaint To The Service Provider

Postal Beneficiaries rights

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The CITC aims to achieve clarity and protect the rights of users of postal services and improve service quality.

Transporting Parcels Service Licenses

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Review Transporting Parcels Service and related documents


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You can find the official Postal regulation and related documents .

Public Consultation Document

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The CITC invites all members of the public to participate in provides The Public Consultation process for Postal Beneficiaries rights .

Registration of application delivery companies

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CITC invite all application delivery companies to register their data on CITC website,to involve them in the making of legislation ,decisions and the sustainability of the sector

Frequently Asked Questions

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General postal-related questions