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  • 13/05/2006
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  • 10/06/2006
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​Public Notice: PN No. ( 8 /1427)
Dated, 15/04/1427H, 13/05/2006G
The Communications and Information Technology Commission ("CITC") announced earlier this year its intention to issue new licenses for Fixed and Mobile Services. In that context, and in accordance with the CITC statutes and other applicable laws, the CITC is in the process of reviewing the current industry and regulatory environment as well as anticipated future developments. This review will assist the CITC to revise its fixed and mobile services regulatory framework that will foster the adoption of advanced applications and services at affordable prices, supported by a state of the art network infrastructure.
This Public Notice ("PN") is issued by the CITC in order to invite interested parties to participate in the Public Consultation process, and comment on the proposed policies related to fixed and mobile services licensing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Public Consultation Process
A Public Consultation Document entitled “The Regulato​ry Policies Related to Fixed and Mobile Services Licensing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” is being released at the same time as this PN to provide background information on the proposed regulatory policies to be used for licensing, and to invite comments on issues related to the same. A timetable for the submission of comments and other steps in the consultation process is set out in the Public Consultation Document.
Public Consultation Document
This public consultation document addresses eight regulatory policy areas: Scope of Services, Interconnection, IP Telephony Services/VoIP, Spectrum Management, Unbundling, Carrier Selection, Local Number Portability, Quality of Service (QoS) and future objectives for the fixed and mobile services, current state of the telecommunications and information technology (ICT) infrastructure, discusses anticipated trends and future developments, as well as options and considerations regarding the future policies framework. 
Schedule and Procedures
The Public Consultation Document can be obtained from the CITC web site (www.citc.gov.sa).  The CITC will provide further details regarding the licensing process shortly after the conclusion of the Public Consultation.
The procedure, schedule and deadlines for filing comments related to the Public Consultation Document entitled ‘THE REGULATOTY POLICIES RELATED TO FIXED AND MOBILE SERVICES LICENSING IN THE KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA’ are set out at the start of the Public Consultation Document. Comments or responses filed in relation to the Public Consultation Document should be submitted to either one of the addresses outlined below:
  •  E-mail to:

  •  2 Delivery by hand or by courier (hard and soft copy):
     Office of the Governor
     Communications and Information Technology Commission
     King Fahad Road
     Riyadh, 11588, KSA