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  • 17/07/2008
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  • 16/08/2008
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​Public Notice: PN No. (2 /1429)
Dated, 13/06/1429H, 17/06/2008G
On the
Quality of Service Scheme for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  1. Introduction
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) issued the Telecommunications Act in 2001 as the instrument to create a competitive ICT market, The Telecom Act and its Bylaw set out the powers and functions of the CITC to fulfil the vision of universally available, high quality and affordable ICT services.
    In order to ensure the provision of high quality telecommunications services, the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) issued Decision 24/1424 dated 13/10/1424 defining the indicators and targets for end user QoS imposed on the incumbent, Saudi Telecom Company.
    With the planned liberalization of the telecommunications market and issuance of licenses to new service providers, the CITC issued the Regulatory Framework on Quality of Service with Decision 41/1427 dated 17/9/1427H. This Regulatory Framework envisaged that the CITC will establish QoS regulations taking into consideration related factors including the state of competition, maturity of service providers, international best practices, the state of technology, and opinion of the public and industry participants.
    Accordingly, the CITC is in the process of developing an updated Quality of Service Scheme to meet the demand for liberalised, competitive, high quality and efficient ICT services.
    This Public Notice ("PN") is issued by the CITC in order to invite interested parties to participate in the Public Consultation process, and comment on the proposed Scheme.
  2. Comments/ replies Invited
    The CITC is pursuing fair and transparent processes leading to further liberalization of the ICT sector. Accordingly, the draft document entitled  "Public Consultation Document on the Quality of Service Scheme for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”
     is being released along with this PN. The CITC hereby seeks comments from interested parties on the proposed Quality of Service Scheme.
    The CITC encourages all interested parties to allocate the necessary resources and time to participate in this public consultation by stating their views, using the attached comments template, on any of the subjects put forth in the proposed Quality of Service Scheme as follows:
    1. Provide views and detailed responses to the questions to the extent possible, including any supporting data, analysis and information on other countries experiences, or relevant references that support such opinions and responses. All opinions and responses will be carefully considered.
    2. Indicate the number of each question being answered. It should be noted that it is not essential to answer every one of the questions.
    3. Provide contact information (name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address), if the participant desires wishes to communicate with the CITC.
    4. The CITC has the right to publish all provided information in whole or in part. Participants may ask to remain anonymous or that their answers be treated as confidential. Thus, the CITC requests all participants to indicate if they wish their identity and/or answers, or part of them, to remain confidential.
    5. This document and the responses to it are not binding on the CITC, and will become the property of the CITC.
The “Public Consultation Document on the Quality of Service Scheme in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” can be obtained from the CITC web site (www.citc.gov.sa). 
All comments/ replies must be received by the Commission no later than 15/08/1429H corresponding to 16/08/2008G to either one of the following addresses:
  • E-mail to:  
  • Delivery by hand or by courier of a hard and soft copy to:
    Deputy Governor for Technical Affairs
    Communications and Information Technology Commission
    King Fahad Road
    P.O.Box 75606
    Riyadh 11588
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia